from the St. Arbuck's office, La Jolla, California


Dear Friends,

I hope that you are doing well these days!  I’m writing to let you know about some new ministry opportunities I’ve been given this year and to ask for your prayers, some input, and to quickly help me with a couple of startup matters with social media and picking a logo.  No, I’m not leaving First Baptist where I have been blessed to serve as Sr. Pastor for over 12 years.   But last year I was recruited to begin a weekly radio sermon program on 1240AM, the new KBRITE station in San Diego, and then last fall, KPRZ, 1210AM, which you are probably more familiar with, asked me to start a new show on Sunday mornings called "Cultivating Ethos."   There are pending deals now on stations in most major US cities for a program as well, which presents an interesting opportunity to produce Biblical, Gospel centered ministry for a new generation that is buried in a sea of clutter and confusion.  I'll talk about that more at a different time, but you probably understand as well as I do that we have work to do in the Church to make disciples.   I'm writing to get your input as we begin something new.

Cultivating Ethos began to air on KPRZ (1210 AM) at 10am on Sunday mornings on January 1.  While it’s basically a sermon show that is typical for Christian radio, I believe there is an opportunity to use this in a greater way.   To facilitate the show, I have organized a 501(c) 3 non-profit called "Cultivating Ethos" and I now have that process completed!   (Much thanks to Marc Kitsko and Mark Rawlins for being on the Board.)  

Our website has some basics about the ministry and vision with more to come.  Our hope is to leverage the show to support some new and existing and also missing ministry in our city and culture and to give simple methods for practical discipleship.  For example, for a couple of years, God has used me in ministry to some of the most challenging inner city gang related ministries.  I'm as surprised as you are about that, but it's given me a new idea that will help churches help churches working in our inner-cities allowing the inner city ministries to have all the attention, with Cultivating Ethos giving behind the scenes support.  I believe this is something a radio ministry can help with to organize motivated but oblivious churches who have the ability to help in enormous and simple ways.   

There is a lot more to say, and I would like to ask some of you to be on an advisory team for this ministry soon.  But in the mean time, there are a couple of things you can do that would be very helpful, and that is just to connect with us on Social media and elsewhere so that we have critical mass in subscribers and "likes" and followers, etc.   Below are some ways you can help - and, I'd love to hear your thoughts.  We have a lot to do, but we're off to a good start.   Please do all or some as your are comfortable:

Social Media:

It helps to start with a few followers, if you can, please "Like" or otherwise connect with us on these platforms:


TWITTER:  (@tweetingethos)

INSTAGRAM:   (@cultivatingethos)


It helps a lot if you subscribe to our podcast and download all the episodes.   You don’t have to listen :) - but downloading helps us gain attention in iTunes as do 5 Star reviews.  If you can do that, it helps.  

Subscribe on iTunes


I have 10 Cultivating Ethos logo samples - they are all just first drafts, but I need input on what you think is the best one or the best start.  Let me know what you like!   You can find them here:


 - Prayer for the development of this ministry as something new in the Christian radio world - something that is more than just for the edification of the listener, but something that inspires people to actually participate in the mission God has given them to the people in their life.   And more, that the Church in San Diego and elsewhere would be aware of the challenges faced by congregations of different kinds in different neighborhoods.  

 - Prayer for time management and habit change.  If you know me well, you know I function very well in the last minute of things.  But this doesn’t work too well when I need to be a few weeks ahead.   I need to realize that if I’m not 3 weeks ahead, then it’s already the last minute and I need to adjust my schedule accordingly.   The tyranny of the urgent gets in my way a lot, there's really no way around that sometimes as a pastor, but I need to feel the pressure a few weeks in advance to stay on track.  This is working pretty well at the moment as the radio program is already recorded into March.

 - Increased effectiveness in my team building leadership.  Our church is hanging out between 200-250 people including kids.  We’re loaded with young families and military and in general, people who have little time to serve and who will likely be moving away from San Diego soon due to housing costs and military assignments.  Right now, we are developing a team to help quickly train leaders and if successful, this will alleviate a lot of time.  But we have all the struggles of a 200 person church.  Please pray for this and against the Evil One and the distractions he causes in churches that preach the Gospel.

 - We currently have advertisers that cover much of the costs of the program, but long term, we'll need to develop a regular donor base. The immediate fundraising goal is to cover one-time expenses for the start up, lawyers and filing fees for 501(c)3, which was $6000, and to cover other initial administrative costs and also regular ongoing show costs not covered by advertisers, which is a couple hundred bucks a month.  These includes podcast hosting fees, web-hosting fees, any marketing expenses and fees to manage our accounting and donor management system.   Please pray that we can payoff initial costs, and cover ongoing costs which are relatively minimal.  I may do a GoFundMe or some other kind of fundraisers to get this ball rolling.   All of it is tax deductible.  Ideas are welcome!

Thanks for your help and your prayers!  I'll be in touch. 


Scott Furrow