Air Date January 8, 2017 - Jesus and the Argonauts

This week's message is about dealing with the distractions of life that take us off course from the life Jesus has for us.  The main passage is 1 Peter 1:13-21.   Ancient Greeks told stories about an Island of beautiful women who sang a song that was so beautiful, it enticed sailors to change course and head toward the tantalizing melody.  These women were known as Sirens and their songs were irresistible to most people.  But they were deceptive.  The island was surrounded by rocky shores and the sailors would crash their ships and die before reaching the Sirens. 

In our life today, there are many Siren songs, things that are so tempting they can draw us away from what is best for us - and they lead to death and destruction.  In Peter's day, there were many similar distractions for Christians and he writes to help us stay on course with following Jesus.  This message will help you focus on Christ and be consumed by the beauty of the Gospel in your life.

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