The Beginning of The Story - The Story Week 1

Today is the Beginning of The Story!   This series is one of the best ways to go through the Bible.   We'll be focusing on the events through history that make up God's story - the story told in the Bible by over 40 writers inspired by God to write down what they have learned for us so that we know what God has done, what he is doing, and where he is taking us.   Wouldn't you like to know what the God of the universe is up to?  Wouldn't you like to know how history, philosophy and religion all resolve?  You can know this, it's what the Bible tells us, from Genesis to Revelation.  You know what else?  You are invited to play a part of that story!

This series is based on a Bible reading plan called "The Story" and you can follow along with your own Bible or use the curriculum called the story.   The curriculum is excellent, so especially if you are new to reading the Bible, it's a great way to do it.  Most of it is just the NIV translation put in novel form so you can read it easily.   You can find it and more related curriculum on our resources page.

You can purchase it from at this link:  

Also, the reading plan is available on the free YouVersion Bible App by or at   In the app or that website, you can subscribe for free to a "reading plan" called "Engaging God's Story" - that is the reading plan for The Story.   It will help you keep up every day.

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