Air Date February 26 - Modern Faith 6 - Patience

In today's episode, we realize that your marriage is impacted by patience, or a lack thereof, so we promoted FamilyLife "Weekend to Remember."   Kristy and I and many on our staff have been to this marriage retreat.  It's a great tune up even if you are doing well, and it's a great help when you are struggling.    You can find out more at

The subject is patience, or forbearance, and the main passage is James 5:7-11.  Why "forbearance" and not "patience."  Well most translations say "patience" of course, but the 2011 NIV says forbearance, and although it is very similar, forbearance may be the better word.  But we'll use patience because it's more common.  We typically use the 2011 New International Version in messages because that version is the most typical today, especially on mobile devices...

Patience is something that many of us struggle with, especially when we are dealing with people or with circumstances that don't go our way.  But patience matters - without it, we operate in a world that is not in reality.  The inner conversation we have with ourselves is key to our ability to allow God to give us more patience so that we are more effective in ministry for Him.