New Series - Cultivating Wisdom - Begins April 8!


New Series Begins This Sunday!

Our new series called "Cultivating Wisdom" begins this Sunday, April 8!  Cultivating Wisdom is a look through the book of Proverbs as we seek true wisdom for our lives.   In fact, is about becoming a person who is wise, and Proverbs gives us the path.  

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New Series - THE FIVE - Begins February 18!

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New Series Begins This Sunday!

Our new series called The Five begins this Sunday, February 18!   The Five gives us a practical look at 5 core beliefs of Christianity and what they mean for our life.  Tune in Sundays at 10:00am on AM 1210 KPRZ or listen to our podcast on our podcast page.

The Five is a series loosely based on the 5 Solas from the Reformation.   These are core beliefs for the Christian church.    Listen live on Sunday, February 18 at 10:00am on K-Priase, AM 1210 in San Diego.   The Cultivating Ethos program. 

Easter Sunday 2017


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Christianity didn’t start because people believed and liked the teachings of Jesus.  Christianity began because of something people saw –a resurrected man named Jesus.  Christianity is a faith that is founded on this event.  Want to know Jesus?  Start at the resurrection. 

Our sermon today is an Easter sermon from John 20, where we invite you to re-engage with Jesus.  

Some notes from the message:

A necessary definition:  

Untermensch |ˈo͝on(t)ərˌmen(t)SH|  - noun (plural Untermenschen |-ˌmenCHən| ) 
a person considered racially or socially inferior.

From this article quoted on the show:

Tom Holland in The New Statesman:  Why I Was Wrong About Christianity

The True Celebrity - Palm Sunday

There is one true celebrity –it’s Jesus Christ.  He needs to have our regard in every way – but we should be encouraged – to him, there are a lot of celebrities – and that includes you.  You are famous in heaven!  It’s true.

Palm Sunday reminds us that Jesus has a bigger agenda than we do – and his agenda is right.  He is the true celebrity and deserves all of our regard.   So we’ll get into that today from Matthew chapter 21.

The Freedom of Self-Control - Modern Faith 11

Self-control is the key to unlocking freedom in your life.  Maybe that sounds backwards, if you want the freedom to just do whatever you want.   But just doing whatever we want leads to tyranny and anarchy and destruction, even in any personal sense.   But self-control leads to making good decisions and putting the right priorities in the right order in our lives.  The result of doing that is great freedom.  Self-control is our subject as we conclude our series today on the Fruit of the Spirit called Modern Faith on the Cultivating Ethos program, right here on AM 1210, KPRZ, the Christian station.

Today is the final message in our series on The Fruit of the Spirit called Modern Faith.   The subject is Self-Control and our main passage is 1 Corinthians 9:24-27.

Air Date February 26 - Modern Faith 6 - Patience

In today's episode, we realize that your marriage is impacted by patience, or a lack thereof, so we promoted FamilyLife "Weekend to Remember."   Kristy and I and many on our staff have been to this marriage retreat.  It's a great tune up even if you are doing well, and it's a great help when you are struggling.    You can find out more at

The subject is patience, or forbearance, and the main passage is James 5:7-11.  Why "forbearance" and not "patience."  Well most translations say "patience" of course, but the 2011 NIV says forbearance, and although it is very similar, forbearance may be the better word.  But we'll use patience because it's more common.  We typically use the 2011 New International Version in messages because that version is the most typical today, especially on mobile devices...

Patience is something that many of us struggle with, especially when we are dealing with people or with circumstances that don't go our way.  But patience matters - without it, we operate in a world that is not in reality.  The inner conversation we have with ourselves is key to our ability to allow God to give us more patience so that we are more effective in ministry for Him.

Air Date - January 1, 2017

A whole book series in just one week!  It's only January and you've already studied an entire book of the Bible!   This blog will include any notes or pictures or other information that may be referenced in each program.

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