Cultivating Ethos Radio Program and Podcast 

Cultivating Ethos with Pastor Scott Furrow began on January 1, 2017 on KPRZ AM 1210 in San Diego.  It airs at 10am each Sunday morning.  This program presents sermons with commentary, interviews and more.  

You can subscribe on iTunes here:

Cultivating Ethos - 30 Minute Edition

A new 30-minute version of Cultivating Ethos is being developed now, and airs Sundays at 9am on KNSN (KBRITE) AM 1240 in San Diego.   

The former program (First Baptist Church Program) ended on June 3, 2018, however, the sermons series continues at FBC.   You Can subscribe to the First Baptist Church of San Diego podcast here:

Future Projects

New projects are in development, specifically related to inner city ministry, gang violence, police and city ministry and  leadership development programs.   To stay in the loop, please subscribe to our email newsletter below:

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